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About Michael P. Clarke, LL.B

Michael’s expertise and strength is courtroom advocacy. He is always motivated to settle, if that is what is best for his client, but he has also had many successes arguing cases in Court before a judge.

Mediation and collaborative law are fine for spouses who are on reasonably good terms. He has also settled many cases using these methods. However, when the parties are unable to settle, a judge (or arbitrator) must decide the issue.

Your lawyer should have extensive courtroom experience. There are many lawyers who do not like to do trials. Trials require an enormous amount of energy, time and commitment. The stakes are high and there is considerable pressure on all the participants, parties and lawyers alike. It is for that reason that Michael receives a number of referrals each year from other lawyers who have taken their client’s matter as far as they can, but do not have the time or inclination to run the trial.

Family Litigation Services

• Mr. Clarke offers professional litigation services to individuals going through a separation or divorce

• Once retained, Mr. Clarke will act as your counsel in all aspects of any family law-related matter

• If you and your spouse need someone else to decide your issues, then litigation is the method usually chosen

• If you and your spouse are likely to resolve your issues with the assistance of a knowledgeable third party, then mediation is preferable to litigation

• Litigation is expensive.

• Court orders are binding and enforceable

• The court process is public, unless special permission is obtained by the judge

• The court sets the timetable for action

Family Mediation Services

• Mr. Clarke offers professional mediation services to couples going through a separation or divorce

• You may have your own lawyer, or you can participate on your own

• Mediation is usually chosen if you and your spouse have a reasonably clear understanding of the issues and are willing to compromise to reach a settlement

• If you and your spouse want to go to court and have someone else decide your issues, then litigation would be more appropriate for you

• A mediator will not decide your case. You decide how the issues will be settled, and the mediator will help you do this

• Mediation is a private process. Discussion, documents, and information are not made public

• Mediation is a much less expensive process than litigation. Most cases are resolved after one day of mediation

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